About This Blog

This first post is so you can get to know me and this blog. At 50, I have witnessed the world go from ‘no nukes’ and ‘hell no we won’t go’ to ‘i can’t breathe’ and ‘defund the police’. From Nixon who resigned for the betterment of the nation to Trump who by refusing to concede has caused an even wider divide.

That being said, this blog is both op/ed and journalistic. It will be how I see things but backed up  by data. 

My history is not unique but does allow me the ability to see things from a perspective of both left and right. Something that is hardly done in today’s political and societal climate. 

I was a journalist and op/ed writer for over a decade. In three types of media I honed my craft. I wrote in the newsprint, as a freelance writer, and with Examiner.com (now defunct). I delved into religion, politics, and current events. At times people agreed and at times I received hate mail. So your opinion is fine if you choose to give it. 

I hold 2 degrees in Criminal Justice with a specialty in Rehabilitative Justice, a Master of Science in Forensic Psychology with specialties in Law and Policy and Data Research. I also hold an MBA with a specialty in Accounting. I also hold several certificates in business, security, analytics, investigation, and community response. 

I have also held positions in retail, management, security, medical, and other labor oriented jobs. I’ve been an EMTA, Security Officer, and trained at the IDOC. So my interests are wide and varied. 

This blog is to give my informed opinion and, with some hope, make things a little better and bring our nation back together. I will, however, piss people off. Both liberal and conservative. Because in the last 20 years, this nation has gone to ruin, much like all great empires of history. I love my country but will not say it is the greatest in the world. Our history and our current infighting has proven that. As do many statistics. I am neither liberal or conservative, but yet I am both, depending on the subject. At the heart of it all, I am a Constitutionalist. I don’t support rights for one side while denying them for the other. 

So if you are reading this, thank you. And if you follow me (not necessarily because you agree), buckle in. It’s going to be a hell of a ride. 


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