Get Over The Election

It’s time to upset people and lose some friends by presenting a truth that needs to be told. Here goes.

All presidents have had success and failure. I’ll state a few. Reagan, while a great orator, had the trickle down theory and it failed. But he had a great desire to end the cold war which happened a year after he left office. Clinton had a great economy and a desire to make the streets safer through tougher sentencing and more officers. Bush 2 made war against a nation he had no right to go against (no WMD, and the attacks came from another place), instituted the Patriot Acts 1 and 2 which eliminated parts of constitutional protections (remember free speech zones), and allowed torture. 

Obama came into an economic freefall and started the economy back on track. And despite what some may say, the Iran Nuclear Deal was working. And to be honest, the only reasons I can think of for not liking him were truly asinine. If it wasn’t for his healthcare act, many would not have been able to get the care they needed and pre-existing issues would not be treated. 

Now to Trump. With him we had the greatest economy on record (highest GDP, best trade on both stocks and the mercantile, lowest unemployment across all demographics). His big problem is his no filter, no diplomacy way of acting and talking. I personally wouldn’t invite him to a cup of coffee. Economically he was great, personally he was a prick. 

The immigration and justice systems need extreme revamping. The justice system is geared toward punishment to those of the lower socioeconomic scale (blacks, low income whites, hispanics, etc). That is because of the failure to aid the urban areas in the nation is becoming self reliant. So more of these are incarcerated at higher rates. 

Immigration needs fixed, not ended. It is the diversity that has made this nation the great melting pot it became. DACA should be protected and entry avenues to green card status and citizenship need to be better worked and applied. And yes, both Obama and Trump need to be called to the hot seat for their internment and separation policies.

Now we come to the populace. The extremes of both the left (Antifa, BLM, Unicorn Riot, etc) and the right (White supremacists, the Proud Boys, etc) have hijacked our country. The moderates and centrists of both parties and messages of unity, equity (not equality) have been lost in the rhetoric and violence on both sides. Our nation has become three camps. The extreme socialist left, the alt right Trump cult, and those that can’t be heard (the ones that try to do what is right). 

Whoever is named to the Oval Office will be everybody’s president for 4 years. And both sides forget how the election process works. Recounts and suits are part of the program and the right of the candidates. BUT, the electoral college will present their decision after everything is done. It may go to the Supreme Court, maybe not. And there is a little used provision that it may end up in the House (U.S. Constitution, Article II, section 1, clause 3). So both sides need to quit acting like 2 preschoolers wanting the same toy. 

If this pissed you off, GOOD. It’s time we start acting like Americans a less like 3rd world tribes. We are better than this.  


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