Finance in Ethical Social Change

Finance in Ethical Social Change

Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) started in 2007 and gave six principles in finance that can help with positive societal change (Six Principles, 2007). These six principles were developed in conjunction with the United Nations Global Compact. They include: Purpose, Values, Method, Research, Partnership, and Dialogue. The group was initially formed by the top leaders in financial education.

The first step in this global change is education. Without today’s and tomorrow’s students being properly trained in how to use finance for this endeavor, the sought change will not occur. Aflatoun International did a study on how to make societal changes through education (Kaat & Sulava, 2015). They made these points:

Many see finance and investment as an enemy to real social change and progress (Harries, 2015). Despite unease in the social change community, there is a place for social investment. Besides the capital investments made, those investing have a wealth of knowledge to impart. They understand the policy process and have worked with decision makers. This is an open doorway that social change leaders should work with.

There are many cases of where finance has aided in social change throughout the world (Trahant, 2016). In 2012, the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment showed #3.31 Trillion dollars in US assets were handled by 443 investors and 272 market managers. There were also 1,043 community investment institutions that used the Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria (ESG) in their investment portfolios. By 2015, sustainable investment funds exceed the median returns of the traditional equity funds. Since 1990, the MSCI KLD 4000 Social Index fund outperformed the Standard and Poor 500.

Millennials that invest are growing and investing more. Ninety percent have stated they would change brands from their mom and dad era favorites to those that had a social cause attached. These investments aid people like:

Better Ventures – They invest $100,000 or more to tech firm startups that have a priority in social and environmental change.

Acumen & Root Capital – They invest in local communities, leaders, and citizens in the world’s poorest areas.

United Nations Social Impact Fund – This group brings together private donators and commerce capital to aid innovation in the world’s toughest socio-economic and ecological issues.

With the proper education in finance and the training in social equity and equality, the financial sector can make huge impacts in leveling the playing fields the world over. Louisville, Kentucky is a city that has seen the mix of community change and finance (Fischer, 2018). The administration recognized that every person mattered and was connected. The mayor stated that all health (mental, physical, environmental, and financial) is imperative for social change. He also said that continual learning is needed for society to succeed. The mayor started his 2nd term in 2015. He was awarded with the 2013 Public Official of the Year by Governing Magazine. He has been the only US mayor to earn the award.The Dali Lama said, “It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.” (15 Inspirational Quotes for a Social Worker, 2018). To act a person, group, or government must be willing to invest in the future. This means finance for change. The heart may be willing, but without any financial support for social programs, the programs are doomed to failure.

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